LT Shunt Power Capacitors
Conservation of Energy due to LT Shunt Capacitors is an established fact. Needless to say that these Capacitors have contributed significantly in Electrical Installations by way of reduction in KVA demand for specific KW Loads, thereby saving on electricity Bills. Higher Capacity utilisation of Transformers, connecting cables and switchgears are direct saving for given specific load. These capacitors are also useful in system voltage stabilisation and distribution.
Metallised Polypropylene AC Capacitors
Metallised Polypropylene Film AC capacitors are manufactured with the latest technology of heavy edge zinc-aluminum alloy metallised polypropylene film to meet national and international quality standards. This heavy edge helps to achieve better spray edge contacts thereby increasing current carrying capacity. The various types manufactured are as follows:
MMP Capacirotors are manufactured with a high grade metalized polypropylene film. Popypropelene film is spread with thin layer of vaccum deposited metal on one side. A free margin is provided on one side of the edges. The polypropelene thickness is in the range of 6 to 10 microns, depending on the applications voltage and conditions.
Electrolytic Motor Start Capacitors
AC motor start capacitors are manufactured by using etched and formed super purity aluminum foils, separating anode and cathode by special low density tissue paper to hold enough electrolyte and absorbent and supported by sandwiched duplex paper. The capacitor element is sealed into an aluminum can to prevent it from atmospheric moisture and dust. These capacitors are fully insulated by means of PVC sleeve and again sealed into an outer can for added safety towards electrical hazards. The flexible termination of suitable length is taken out.

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